What A Difference A Day Makes

I was feeling hemmed in by all the Bastrop donations so decided to “just do it” and get them totally sorted tonight. First I had to de-Christmas the living room, but that went quickly seeing as how the only decorating we did was the tree + our advent calendar + our stockings. It only took me about twenty minutes to get everything put away. I’ll have to remember that next holiday season!

(As a reminder, just last night our living room/dining room looked like this.) A full night’s work later and we have beautiful organization!


Like has been sorted with like. I still have some detail work to do before this all gets passed along to Shari, but the brunt of the work has been done.

I’m planning to send the following items to Shari next week, as most, if not all, can be used in the sewing kits that are being made.

Y’all, there are FIFTY-FOUR sets of knitting needles there . . . and that doesn’t include the DPNs and circular needles! (I’m thinking I owe thanks for all those knitting needles to Vanessa, right Vanessa?)

It feels good to have this done and to be able to walk through our dining room again ;-) and also to have a pretty firm idea of what fine-tuning type of sorting I’ll need to do in coming weeks.

Now I’m ready to spend some time doing updates for my other blog (which I’ve neglected in recent weeks) and start on TAST2012 and the Embroidery Journal Project.

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2 thoughts on “What A Difference A Day Makes

  1. Kathleen Hicks says:

    This is absolutely awesome! I loved seeing through the boxes and spotting the blue bonnet fabric!

    So much love from so many fine women who know how good it can be for ones soul when ones hands are creating a work of art with fabric, needles, thread or yarn. Oh yes, and love.

    These raw materials are unique, they come with many layers of love, even before the artist begins.

    Fine job ladies.

    • Yes, it is a rainbow of colors in that corner of our living room. Very pretty!

      I love this that you said, Mom: “These raw materials are unique, they come with many layers of love, even before the artist begins.” How very true :-).

      Thank you for the things you donated. xoxoxo

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