Spring Visitors

Every spring sparrows build nests in various spots underneath our carport, and this year was no exception. A recent thunderstorm blew the eggs out of one nest, but the other nest was in a less-exposed-to-the-weather area and those eggs survived. The two babies in that nest somehow crawled or wiggled their way out of the nest today and ended up on the ground below. Same thing happened with the babies in the same nest location last spring!

Last spring my hubby hung a small box (or some sort of other small container) from the carport rafters, right near the nest. He gently tucked the babies into the container and all was well.

We couldn’t find anything today small enough to hang near the nest, so we jerry-rigged a standing nest using a tomato cage, a couple pots, and a wooden post to hold things steady. We situated the standing nest near the bird nest, but far enough away from the fence that the roaming neighborhood cats couldn’t walk the fence and reach the baby birds.

Sadly, when my hubby took the trash out just after dark, a cat came running out from underneath the carport and the baby birds were gone from the nest :(. I am very much Grouchy McGroucherson about roaming neighborhood cats to begin with and this did nothing to endear them to me!

Once the sparrows are gone for the spring, we’ll pull down the nest and fill in that particular corner so they can’t build there again next year. Right where the babies landed on the ground this year, which is the very spot where the babies last year landed, is at our backyard gate entrance — both years it was a close call of them almost being stepped on as my hubby walked through the back gate! We hope filling in that corner of the carport rafters will encourage the sparrows to build elsewhere under the carport, off the beaten path so to speak. And if next year’s babies should tumble out of their nest, we’ll know that we just have to figure out a safer way to get them near the nest, elevated much higher and out of the way of the roaming cats.

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