Needlework Inspiration

On the way to my mailbox via snail mail is Sew Lovely Embroidery’s Running with Scissors pattern set. I’m itching to stitch the cute gal who’s doing needlework in the tree . . . because if *I* could comfortably sit up in a tree and stitch, I totally would!!

Current needlework by others that’s inspiring me to pick up my needle again:

~ Snifferooski‘s take on the Running with Scissors pattern set — one design completed and a second design in progress (check out her satin stitching on the hair!). Snifferooski is setting the bar high on these patterns, y’all!!

~ Giddy99′s “Duvet Project” — I think this is such a cool idea!! It’d be a wonderful way to stitch up the bazillion freebie and purchased patterns that live in my laptop, that haven’t been stitched up yet because I don’t have an end project in mind for them. (I have a problem about not being able to stitch something up if I don’t know what I’m going to do with it once it’s stitched — I’m envious of people who can stitch things up and then store them away until they have a purpose for them! I’d like to BE one of those people someday.) Having an ongoing project like this one might be just the excuse I need to work on some of those languishing-inside-the-laptop patterns.

~ The “All Creatures Great & Small” projects by Emily of The Floss Box — I love the variety of textures and stitches Emily’s used in these projects.

~ The “Stitch Play” posts by Mary Corbet of Needle-n-Thread — I’m not especially creative with how I use stitches, so these posts help me look at stitches in a new way.

~ The “January Reflections” crazy quilt project by Susan Elliott of Plays With Needles — Susan’s projects never fail to have me ooh’ing and aah’ing at my computer monitor, and this project is no exception. There are some great tips on the Q&A post relating to this project. Susan really thinks outside the box in how she uses materials, and, as someone who tends to remain in the box creativity-wise, I glean so much from her creativity!

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4 thoughts on “Needlework Inspiration

    • Thank you, Carolyn :-). Oh! The baby birdies had 2 more siblings that were still in the nest. Those silly goofs came out of the nest a day or two later, but they were a bit bigger and hardier and found their way into our chicken brooder box that was resting against the wall on its side near their nest — they squeezed between the wall and box opening and made themselves a new nest, and the neighborhood cats cannot get into it — woot!!

  1. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    Oh, thank you for the lovely comments about my Duvet! You and I are a lot alike; I can’t embroider anything just for the sake of embroidery – there has to be an “end” to the project in sight. Which explains why I have SO MANY embroidered pillowcases! :)

    I love your blog and your stitching, too! Happy Stitching.

    • Lauren, I’ve decided to take your duvet cover idea and use it to make a bedskirt for our bed!!

      Since our dogs are always on our bed, I was leery of doing a duvet cover. And I couldn’t find plain, white pillow shams and was too impatient to wait on getting some by mail. But I found a plain white bedskirt at Target and decided to use that :-). We don’t currently have a bedskirt, so this will actually be functional for us, which is a big perk in my book! I got it washed & dried late last night, so I’m looking forward to ironing-on one of the Sew Lovely Embroidery designs I got in the mail a couple days ago and busting out my needle-n-floss and blowing the dust off ‘em!!

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