Quick Project: Card Keeper

This quick project has been on my crafting to-do list for months. Once I sat down to work on it, I knocked it out in a half hour or less, and the brunt of that time was spent hole-punching the cards.

I didn’t start keeping cards until I became a mom, and I’ve been somewhat sporadic about it since then, so the card keeper is not nearly as full as it’d be if I’d been keeping cards from childhood-forward . . . or even wedding-forward! But I *have* kept a nice mix of homemade and store-bought cards from my husband, son, stepson, parents, in-laws, siblings & spouses, nieces & nephews, and friends.

This was a guinea-pig project for me. Since I’m happy with how it turned out, I’m going to do the same for my hubby with all the cards he’s saved over the years, and also for my kiddo because he likes to save many of his cards.

I like having the ring of cards sitting on my favorite bookshelf in my office, alongside the scrapbook I made for my kiddo’s and his cousins’ artwork =).

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4 thoughts on “Quick Project: Card Keeper

  1. love this idea! hubby and i have all the cards (birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, etc….) that we’ve given each other since we’ve met all shoved in a drawer…. we’ve started dating them but i don’t know if we’ve always done that…… where did you get that card holder thingie?! i need to make one too!

    • It’s just two of those rings that hold the little plastic see-through embroidery floss envelopes! (let me know if that doesn’t make sense LOL) I have a 3-hole punch and that helped me get the holes more or less in the same place on each card, then I just threaded the cards onto the two rings.

      I recently started putting dates on cards, too . . . my mom has done that all along on the cards and birthday-books she’s given me and I’m so glad for that =).

      • just rings? so the cards are standing up on their own? there is no base or roladex type set-up?

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