Foxy Sweethearts (Embroidery)

I bought a plain white tailored bedskirt to fill with embroidery, much like giddy99′s duvet cover project. But then I had “embroiderer’s block” when it came to choosing a design with which to start that project. So I put the bedskirt aside and opted to start a much smaller project instead: I’m embroidering a LOVE-themed pillowcase for me and my hubby.

This is the first design I’ve stitched up: Urban Threads’ “Foxy Sweethearts”.

The white parts of their coat aren’t contrasting much with the pillowcase fabric, so I may go back before I call the whole project “Finished” and outline the white parts with 1 or 2 strands of the floss used for the rest of their coats. But I’ll wait to make that decision until I’ve finished this whole side of the pillowcase.

Floss Notes: All flosses used are DMC stranded cotton. I used 4 strands for all except her scarf’s french knots and his scarf’s snowflakes. Colors used on her are 581, 604, 976, B5200, 48, and 310. Colors used on him are B5200, 975, 334, 602, and 581.

I have a total of six designs chosen, three for each side of the pillowcase. Five of those designs are of couples and the sixth design is a rendering of the word “LOVE”.

Wow, I just realized this is the first needlework project I’ve actually completed in 2012. I knew I’d been off my game, but . . . wow. So very different from years past!

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2 thoughts on “Foxy Sweethearts (Embroidery)

  1. These guys are cute! It’s been a long time since I’ve checked out Urban Threads, I get their emails each week, but never take the time to click over.

    The bedskirt project could be very fun, no plan, just stitch what strikes your fancy at the moment!

    • Thanks, Lisa! I think they’re pretty adorable =). And I can’t help but flashing back to the ’70s and our frequent use of the term “fox” when referring to a cute fella LOL.

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