Antiques Mall Goodies

I hadn’t been to the antiques mall in ages and was having a big ole itch last week to go spend a couple hours poking around there, so I scratched that itch! I came home with a couple things for myself/our house, and found something for my mom for Mother’s Day, and took a dozen or so pictures of goodies that are now on either my Wish List or my “Maybe” list.

These are some of the things on my Wish List:

I gasped when I saw this telephone bench, because the night before I’d been jotting down ideas of items I wanted to eventually acquire for our house and a telephone bench was high on the list. My dad’s parents had one and I have such vivid memories of my Mamaw sitting at the telephone bench chatting on the phone with her sister. Good times =).

I love this scale that’s also a clock. The tag said one side works but the other doesn’t. I assume the other side has the weight measurements — this was on a high shelf and I couldn’t comfortably reach it to take it down. I don’t care if the clock works or not; I want this! Maybe for Mother’s Day??? ;-)

There are two of these wooden stepstools. I’d be scared to put much weight on them, but they’d be cute for plants.

This wall-mounted cabinet would work great in our bathroom. I couldn’t get a good look at it because it’s so high up on the wall, but I could tell it’s not very deep which would be wonderful for our bathroom . . . and I like that it has glass doors and a towel bar.

I don’t know that we have anywhere to use this, but I liked it lots so measured it and snapped a picture of it, just in case it could be useful somewhere in our house.

What a blast from the past!! I love this style nightstand / end table. We could use a proper nightstand in our bedroom, but this might be too deep at the base. I did jot down the measurements so need to check out if it’ll work for us or not.

I love this little desk fan, and it works! You can never have enough fans in Texas in the summer ;-).

I had such a good time browsing at the antiques mall and look forward to going back again . . . and again, and again!!

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4 thoughts on “Antiques Mall Goodies

  1. It’s always fun to go to the antique mall when you haven’t been in a while, everything is new! Great stuff, I think the fan is my favorite, but I hope you get your Mother’s Day wish, that scale/clock is great.

    Big sign when I walk into my antique malls “no photos!”, do yours mind, or did you have to be sneaky taking these?

    • Lisa, I thought I’d recalled seeing a sign like that (“no photos”), so I asked one of the vendors who was working that day and she said taking pics was no problem. I know at craft malls it’s not uncommon for pics to not be allowed, but since this place is mostly furniture, dishes, and stuff like that, there really aren’t any crafty ideas to steal. I made great use of my cellphone’s camera and “Memo” options!! It was great to be able to take note of measurements, price, and which vendor a particular item belonged to.

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