My Snazzy Ironing Board Cover

My tabletop ironing board hangs on the wall in my workspace. The icky plain gray cover that came with it was such an eyesore, so I finally did something about it.

I wish I had the sewing skills to have made that myself, but I don’t ;-). I purchased it from Etsy seller BarefootLake. The fabric is adorable, the cover is very well made, and shop owner Laurie mailed it to me quickly. (I also bought a pad to go under it.)

Now I’m no longer embarrassed about having my little ironing board hanging up in my workspace.

It rained A LOT here today . . . it’s raining again, in fact. We needed it and are thrilled to have it — our rain barrels, which were just about empty, are full again. But all that rain makes for challenging “natural light” picture-taking. I’d propped the little ironing board up against the open front door and was sitting in the open doorway trying to get a decent photo, when Miss Daisy walked up to see what I was doing.

I was in her space, you see. The front door area is her self-appointed domain to guard. There shall be no squirrels or cats in her yard . . . preferably not even in her line of vision (the cat across the street does not agree), but specifically not in her yard. She also keeps a close eye on passersby, particularly men. We have some sketchy-looking folks wander by from time to time, so I’m glad she’s there to keep an eye on neighborhood happenings.

I love this dog something fierce. She about has me convinced she is an old soul in a young(ish) dog’s body. Annie (our other dog) is funny and cute and she has her moments of sweetness (but she can also be quite the little toot!), but Daisy is always kind and loving and self-less, and when she lays near you and stares soulfully into¬† your eyes, any worries or stress or sadness you’re feeling melt away. How do dogs do that???

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