Milkglass Lamp + the Scale that’s actually a Clock

I went back to the antiques mall today and picked up the scale/clock that I fell in love with last week.

Turns out it’s not a scale at all, but rather a two-sided clock designed to look like a scale. The tag on it says one clock works but the other doesn’t; however, my hubs said we can buy a new clock mechanism and get the second clock working. Cool beans! I’ll end up moving it elsewhere in the kitchen and probably put a plant of some sort on the “scale” part. Oh, the cool wire basket is an antiques mall purchase from last week, and it works perfectly as our egg-gathering basket.

On my way out of the antiques mall, I spied this milkglass lamp with toile shade.

It works, but the cord and plug are old-school and don’t jive smoothly with nowadays electrical outlets, so we (meaning, my hubby) will get that updated.

I’ve been doing some shuffling around of “stuff” and love how this corner of our living room has turned out.

It’s especially cozy and pretty at night with the overhead lights off, because the red toile lampshade casts such a warm glow in the room (but that’s not particularly evidenced by this picture!). I’m not a big fan of overhead lights, but I *am* a big fan of lamps . . . lots and lots of lamps!

I’m on the hunt for some little something to put in that empty spot between the speaker and corner. We have a couple family-heirloom quilts that I’d love to display there, maybe on a stack of trunks or vintage suitcases, or on the wooden stepstool I saw at the antiques mall last week, or some other interesting doohickey I might find.

P.S. — The two framed prints in the above picture are photos taken by my hubby. We have quite a few of his photos framed and displayed in our living room!

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