Starting Small: Back Yard

My awake/sleep schedule is quickly shifting, allowing me more daylight hours for enjoying our yard. The prospect of being able to enjoy being outdoors this summer before the heat of the day sets in has spurred me to do some spiffing up.

Being a novice Green Thumb, I’ve been getting lots of ideas online (as mentioned in this post), I’ve been spending lots of time wandering around the home improvement store’s garden center and making note of the amount of sunlight each of the various plants requires, I’ve been paying attention to what type of sun the various areas of our yard I want to spiff up receive, and I’ve been thinking about how I want each of those areas to function.

I’m starting small in two different areas: one in the back yard and one in the front yard.

In the back yard, I want to pretty-up the area in front of the section of the garden/chicken-area fence that we see when we walk out our back door. My Mother’s Day windchimes are hanging there, and I’ve added a birdbath, a low trellis that reminds me of a girly headboard, and two pots with plants.

The yellow-flowered plant in the green pot is Lantana — we used to have lantana in our front yard and that is some hardy stuff, surviving even last summer’s severe drought and three-months-plus of 100+ degree days. I love lantana. I believe the pink-flowered plant is Pentas.

I don’t recall the name of the vining plant with the beautiful red flowers, in the light-colored flower pot. I’ll look next time I’m at the garden center and write it down, in case it works out well and I want more of it next year.

I’m hoping those flowers will attract a hummingbird or two and/or some honeybees. Although I could’ve vined that plant directly on the fence, I was concerned if I did so the chickens would peck it to pieces, thus the addition of the trellis. (Plus, the trellis is purty!)

There are two trees that shade most of that area, so we’ll see how these plants do with a little early-day sun and late-day sun.

The privacy fence to the left will be replaced at some point this year, so we don’t want to do any planting near it until after it’s been replaced.

I’ll sit on the back steps in the coming days and think about what else I want to add in this area. A sitting area of some sort would be nice — maybe a covered porch swing (covered, because the birds do like to roost in the shade trees above!). Some place where I can stretch out and read in the shade or sit and chat with my fellas, while watching the dogs and chickens and squirrels and birds.

I’m out of time for blogging tonight, so will show my “starting small” front yard spiffing-up in my next post =).

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2 thoughts on “Starting Small: Back Yard

  1. Chris says:

    Yay! Keep ‘em coming! Can you tell me where you found that bird bath? I was just looking around yesterday for a new bird bath (it’s been very dry here lately) but didn’t find anything I like.

  2. Lowe’s! It was in the $55 range. It’s made of fiberglass or something like that — I was able to lift it myself, but had to put some back into it ;-).

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