When I went out to gather eggs this morning, one of our chickens was in the process of laying, blocking access to the two other eggs already laid in that particular box. So I grabbed something to munch on + a magazine + my camera, pulled the patio table and chairs over to the shade by our new birdbath and plants, and propped up my feet for a while.

Annie was waiting, too (alongside our chicken-pen boots). She’s always alert to any potential opportunity to dart between my feet and get into the pen and chase chickens ;-).

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2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. What a cute post. That happenes to me all the time there is always a lady laying when I go get the eggs. I just reach in under them and they are usually ok with this so I can get the eggs. The dog by the boots is very cute :)

    • I’ve not yet been brave enough to reach under one of our chickens! I’m, well . . . chicken ;-). We had one chicken think about getting broody; when my husband reached under her to collect the eggs she’d been sitting on, oh my goodness did she get perturbed!! Fortunately she didn’t peck him — I think because he surprised her so — but boy did she walk around squawking up a storm LOL. They are some funny gals.

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