Around the House: 6-5-2012

At some point yesterday morning I walked into the kitchen and saw Annie sprawled out on the doormat in our mudroom. It took a sec for me to realize she was multi-tasking: keeping an eye on the backyard via the doggie door (birds or squirrels might venture into the yard — egads!!) while catching a few winks here and there.

And then I noticed the doggie door was looking pretty grimy (if you have dogs + a doggie door, you know what I mean!), so after she’d gone outside to check on things I cleaned the doggie door so it’d be ready for her next multi-tasking moment.

I spy with my little eye an Annie-dog, catching some shade while ensuring our backyard remains bird- and squirrel-free!!

A few days ago I went to Hobby Lobby looking for some type of hanger for my aprons and found the perfect solution in the garden goodies.

Here’s a closer-up look at ‘em:

Aren’t they cute?!!

Several weeks ago my crafty friend Corinne (of So September) surprised me with a package containing an embroidery-themed mug onto which she drew some embroidery stitches. Since I’m currently in the process of adding more indoor plants to our house, I decided to repurpose the mug as a planter.

I’ve been looking for the perfect plant for it at Lowe’s for a couple weeks, but only today did I find something that I thought would be perfect, this beautiful red “Irisene: Chicken Gizzard”.

Here’s where it’s living now:

And here’s another look at the mug — check out the Blanket Stitch on the handle!!

Brilliantly done, Corinne!! Thank you muchly for such a wonderfully fun-ctional snail-mail surprise =).

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