Project Idea: “Favorites Through the Years” Embroidery

[I'm parking this idea here for future reference.]

I don’t know about y’all, but I have my best ideas in the shower! I keep thinking I should put some bath crayons in there so I can jot the ideas down on the shower wall, because 8 times out of 10 the ideas are forgotten before I’m dried off . . . including the idea to put bath crayons in there ;-). (But see, now the bath crayon idea is written down here, so maybe just maybe I’ll remember to add them to the grocery list. Baby steps!)

I had embroidery on the brain while showering today. And I was thinking about my kiddo recently asking me which tv shows I liked out of the ones we watched when he was little (there was a time when I could recite Toy Story 2 because we watched it daily!), and how now he doesn’t remember some of the things he loved so much when he was younger (not just tv/videos, but toys and books and so forth).

And then I thought: hey, it’d be cool to make him a [pillowcase? pillow sham? duvet cover? wall-hanging? something else?] that is covered with embroidered images of things that he’s loved at various times throughout his childhood thus far!!

I wonder if that might be one of those gifts that’s more fun for the person who makes it than it is for the recipient, though??? Or maybe the fun comes for the recipient if they have personal stories to go with the images, sort of like how looking at pictures of our parents as kids is more fun when we know the stories behind those pictures.

A duvet cover or pillowcase(s) would be handy because I could continue to add to it for as long as he lives at home.

Anyway . . . that’s the project idea . . . and now comes the fun part of jotting down “favorites” as I remember them (going through photos from his younger years will help tremendously).