2008 Needlework: Part 1

[Since I deleted my prior incarnation of my Wren & Stitchy blog a few years ago, during a long, dry loss-of-stitchy-mojo spell, I’m re-starting my blog from scratch and will be posting pics of past projects, oldest to newest.]

PRIOR TO 2008, I’d done a little bit of cross-stitching in the late 1980’s & early 1990’s, then my interest fizzled out. At that time, pattern options to be found locally were limited, and what was available was not particularly appealing to my twenty-something self.

FLASH FORWARD TO 2007, when, by way of Amy Karol’s blog, I found my way to Craftster, which is where I discovered Sublime Stitching. Both Craftster and Sublime Stitching opened my eyes to fresh and modern takes on embroidery and cross-stitch, and re-ignited my interest in needlework.

I dipped my toes back into needlework by making myself a plastic-canvas case for my Nintendo DS Lite, using a tutorial from Craftster (possibly this tutorial? but I didn’t do the game controller design on the top). It felt good to be doing needlework again, and it was such an easy and fun project.

Then I moved on to Sublime Stitching’s iron-on embroidery patterns and learned how to do embroidery stitches. I quickly fell in love with the versatility of embroidery and was off and running!!

I lurked on Craftster’s embroidery & cross-stitch boards and began embroidering gifts for family and friends; eventually I joined a couple Craftster tea towel round-robins. The round-robins provided my first opportunity to finally be able to see and touch other people’s embroidery work, which was SO important in helping me better understand how the various types of stitches should look. I loved being able to see other stitchers’ work up close and personal!!

I don’t have photos of the late-2007-to-early-2008 projects I made, so the following photos are of projects from when I had 4 or 5 months’ embroidery experience under my belt.

MAY 2008 — DRAWSTRING BAGS:  These were Sublime Stitching patterns, which I stitched up and added to flannel-lined drawstring bags I’d made, to be used as GameBoy or DS bags. (I don’t recall where I found the lined drawstring bag tutorial, but it was probably a Craftster tutorial).


ireland's & rhys's bday bags 05-2008

MAY 2008 — THROW PILLOW COVER:  The patterns and the blank pillow cover were from Sublime Stitching. The pillow cover looked too sparse with just the two designs, so I free-handed the running-stitch border using a variegated DMC floss. Even now I still love how that border turned out!

05-2008 rex & lanie's pillow

JUNE 2008 — LOVEBIRDS:  I was still on the Sublime Stitching kick!

06-2008 lovebirds for melinda & ron

JUNE 2008 — SAILBOAT ZIPPERED POUCH:  I drew the design onto the zippered pouch, then crayon-tinted & embroidered it.

06-2008 sailboatzipperedpouchforchris

JULY 2008 — “FOSTER’S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS” T-SHIRT:  I drew the design onto a t-shirt, then crayon-tinted and embroidered it. Bloo and Cheese are two of our favorite characters from Foster’s, and the “flaming bunnies” episode is in our top five. My son wore this shirt until he grew out of it, and it made me so happy that he loved wearing it! (I think this shirt is actually saved in his keepsake box.) As happy as I was with how this turned out, I’d embroidered several tees for him that birthday and, by the time I was done, I’d decided no more stitching on stretchy material :P.

07-2008 foster's shirt

JULY 2008 — HUMMINGBIRD HANKIE:  A sweet Sublime Stitching design.

07-2008 hummingbirdhankieforchrisbday - sublime stitching design

More 2008 projects to follow in the next post! (2008 Needlework: Part 2)

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