2008 Needlework: Part 2

Continuing from where I left off from 2008 Needlework: Part 1 . . . 

AUG. 2008 — ST. LOUIS CARDINAL’S MASCOT:  For a family of die-hard Cards’ fans, I found a pic of the 1956-1966 Cardinals’ mascot, traced it, crayon-tinted it, and stitched it. I was pretty stoked with how it turned out, and, as a gift, it was very well received.

08-2008 St. Louis Cardinals mascot 1956-1966.JPG

AUG. 2008 — PIN-UP GIRL:  Sublime Stitching has some great pin-up girl patterns; this design was my favorite. I was trying out using seed-stitch as a filling stitch back when I made this.

09-2008 pin-up girl on hankie

AUG. 2008 — FAIRY:  A Sublime Stitching pattern, which I used as the first item stitched on my tea towel for one of the Craftster Tea Towel Tours.

08-2008 fairyformytowel - sublime stitching design

SEPT. 2008 — WINGED ROLLER SKATE:  A sweet little quickie project, using a Sublime Stitching pattern.

09-2008 llexi's skate

SEPT. 2008 — GIRL WITH SPOON (for CRAFTSTER ROUND ROBIN):  For a Craftster Tea Towel Tour. More seed-stitching, plus practicing my french knots. The pattern source is unknown Needlecrafter.

09-2008 sonjabegonia's towel

OCT. 2008 — BEACH SCENE:  I found several different coloring book images online and cobbled together this beach scene. On the other end of the towel, I stitched different sea shells (which show through a little bit on this photo).

10-2008 dini's towel - beach scene

OCT. 2008 — PEARS and CHAMPAGNE (for CRAFTSTER ROUND ROBIN):  Another design I cobbled together, based on the likes of one of my group’s participants; the wording came directly from her “Likes” list. I loved how the pear turned out; chain-stitch was a tough stitch for me back then, but it ended up working out just fine on that pear!

10-2008 gatsbygirl's towel

The remaining 2008 projects follow in the next post! (2008 Needlework: Part 3)

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