2008 Crafty Things (other than Needlework)

Although I primarily did embroidery in 2008, I also played around with some other crafty projects.

PERLER BEADS:  These were lots of fun, and my son worked on some of them with me. It’s pretty easy to tell what was popular in our household circa 2008!

01-2008 perler-bead K.K. & Pokeball

02-2008 perler-bead Sonic

04-2008 perler bead coasters for zach

EMBROIDERED/EMBELLISHED KID’S ARTWORK:  My son drew a picture for his Nana, then I embroidered his handwriting and used fabric & buttons to embellish his artwork. He and I did several embroidered-artwork projects within a couple year time-span, and they were always enjoyable to create and were well-received as gifts.

03-2008 picture for nana's birthday

PAPERCUTTING:  This interest was sparked by the beautiful papercuttings Amy Karol had shared on her blog. This pattern was a freebie in one of her newsletters. I did this plus one other papercutting project and decided, as a craft, it required a steadier hand than I had!

05-2008 paper cutting for mom for mother's day

FROG PLUSH:  This was a quickie gift, using a freebie pattern from Purl Soho. Since I was making this for a toddler, I omitted the beads for eyes and the beans for stuffing and instead used only poly fiberfill as the stuffing.

03-2008 frog for amos