2009 Needlework: Part 1

I was a busy stitcher in 2009! 

JAN. 2009 — “DEERLY” HANKIE:  A sweet Annie Oakleaves design.

1-2009 deerly002 - annie oakleaves design

1-2009 deerly001 - annie oakleaves design

FEB. 2009 — EMBROIDERED KID’S ARTWORK (Hankies):  Kid drawn, Mom stitched :D.

02-2009 hankie by andrew 001

02-2009 hankie by andrew 002

MAR. 2009 — EMBROIDERED KID’S ARTWORK (for Nana):  I don’t remember what this fabric was, but I *loved* embroidering on it! It was finished around the edges, so must’ve been a cloth napkin or something similar. It had a very tight weave, which is what I prefer for embroidery.


03-2009 handprint for nana 001

03-2009 handprint for nana 002

MAR. 2009 — MIRROR PIN-UP GIRL:  I think this freebie pattern came from Needlecrafter. She turned out so sweet, just like the person for whom I stitched it.

03-2009 mel's bday 001

03-2009 mel's bday 002

MAR. 2009 — CRAFTSTER SWAP:  I received permission from Aimee Ray to use this design for my Craftster swap partner (this was before this design had been turned into a purchaseable pattern which I did purchase when it became available). I used the “likes” from my swap partner’s list to come up with the items included in this sweet gal’s thoughts. This was my most favorite thing I ever made out of the various Craftster swaps in which I participated.

03-2009 craftster swap 001

03-2009 craftster swap 002

APR. 2009 — CRAFTSTER SWAP (3 Tea Towels):  (a) Fan Pin-Up Girl freebie design from Needlecrafter; (b) Ray-Gun Girl design by Sublime Stitching; (c) Fruit design by Aunt Martha’s (which I bought at Hobby Lobby).


4-2009 craftster swap girlwithfan001 - design on Needlecrafter

4-2009 raygungirl001 - sublime stitching design

4-2009 fruit001 - aunt martha's design

2009 Needlework continued in next post!  (2009 Needlework: Part 2)

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