2009 Needlework: Part 2

Continuing from where I left off in 2009 Needlework: Part 1 . . .

MAY 2009 — ROLLER DERBY BABE:  Love her! This was an Urban Threads design, and I based her on the person to whom I gifted her. She’s crayon-tinted and embroidered, with the skate’s wheels and laces having been stitched with fluorescent floss.

05-2009 roller derby babe 001

05-2009 roller derby babe 002

JULY 2009 — CRAFTSTER SWAP (4 Napkins):  These were Urban Threads designs which I stitched onto some cloth napkins from Target.

07-2009 craftster swap napkins-all - urban threads design

07-2009 craftster swap napkins-MOMtattoo

07-2009 craftster swao napkins-runswithscissors

07-2009 craftster swap napkins-bitchininthekitchen

07-2009 craftster swap napkins-skullcherries

SEPT. 2009 — GEISHA (Craftster swap):  This is an Urban Threads design stitched up for my crayon-tinting inspiration, Craftster’s very own “kittykill”, for a Tea Towel Tour.

09-2009 craftster swap kittykillstowel001 - urban threads design

09-2009 craftster swap kittykillstowel00209-2009 craftster swap kittykillstowel003

The remaining 2009 needlework projects follow in the next post! (2009 Needlework: Part 3)

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