2010 Projects

I hit crafting burn-out at the end of 2009, so most of 2010 was a long, dry spell. However, I did gear up as the holidays approached and made some gifts for a handful of people.

MAY 2010 — LEG LAMP:  Inspired by the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story :D. I had a blast stitching this one up. Instead of filling the lampshade with stitches, I used fabric.

05-2010 leglamp001

05-2010 leglamp002

SEPT. 2009 — MINI SKETCHBOOK/COLORED PENCILS KIT:  The cherry-fabric kit was my trial run, which I kept for myself, and the faux-fur kit was a gift for someone else. These were a good challenge for my very beginnerish sewing skills, and I was happy with how they both turned out…but they’re not a project I care to make again!

mini sketchbook kit 2010 - all tied upmini sketchbook kit 2010 - showing sketchpad & pencils

llexi's sketchbook kit 2010 - closed

llexi's sketchbook kit 2010 - open

HOLIDAYS 2010 — FOR MY HUBBY:  The coffee coaster and the pillowcase were both used until they were plum worn out, which is exactly what I intend when I gift things which are designed to be useful! The name tag was my design, and the camping designs were Sublime Stitching.

11-2010 coffee cup coaster

11-2010 Rodney's pillowcase 001

11-2010 Rodney's pillowcase

HOLIDAYS 2010 — FOR MY SON:  Lots of reading was happening, so bookmarks were a good option. I particularly loved the pirate’s french-knot beard & hair! The ninja/pirate pattern was Urban Threads, and I believe the video game characters were from Sprite Stitch.

11-2010 ninja vs pirate bookmark 001

11-2010 ninja vs pirate bookmark 002

11-2010 peek-a-boo bookmark

11-2010 pacman bookmark

HOLIDAYS 2010 — FOR OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS & FRIENDS:  The dog patterns were freebies from the Orange You Lucky blog (although I don’t know if the patterns are available any longer). I can’t find the source info for the Poinsettia pattern. The Snowflake pattern is Polka & Bloom. The Dove pattern is September House (So September blog). The Speckled Bird pattern is Andrea Zuill. I can’t find the source info for the Mama-n-Baby Bird pattern.

11-2010 daschund ornament 001

11-2010 daschund ornament 002

11-2010 poinsettia mandala ornament

12-2010 snowflake

12-2010 dove for EGA ornament exchange

12-2010 hankies for the grandmas

12-2010 speckled bird hankie