2016 Projects

No stitching happened in 2016; instead, an interest in drawing, watercoloring, and card-making took front and center.

Some (but, by no means, all) of the resources I utilized for classes and for inspiration for drawing, watercoloring, and card-making were:


The first two projects below were from the Whimsical Sketching class mentioned above. The third project was a Lilipopo freebie coloring page which I used to play around with watercoloring. And then I’ve included a handful of the cards I made, which is a small fraction of how many I made in 2016….I handmade cards for EVERYONE in our address book that holiday season!! I enjoyed doing it, but it was rather like a one-woman card-making sweatshop in our living room for a short period of time ;-).

01-2016 sandy allnock class 1

02-2016 Whimsical Sketching - Class 4

2016 watercolor

09-2016 Julie's Bday 001

Christmas - Andrew & Rodney

Christmas - for Andrew's cousins - close up

Christmas - Paula

Thanksgiving - Julie

Thanksgiving - Kristi

Christmas - Loli

Christmas - Rex & family

Christmas - Ron & family