2017 Books I Read

Reading is my favorite hobby and always has been. However, 2017 was my first year to track everything I read, and I’m so glad I did!! I loosely used Modern Mrs. Darcy’s 2017 Reading Challenge to help me choose several of the books I read that I might not have otherwise steered towards.

The volume of books I’m able to read is in direct proportion to if my free time is spent crafting or if I’m hooked into an interesting tv series. For example, I watched Game of Thrones S1 thru S7 over a several month period in 2017, and my book-reading was noticeably lessened during those particular months. Overall, I finished a lot of books in 2017, and I ended up with a handful I loved and which stuck with me long after I finished them.

I tried several methods of tracking what I read: Excel, Trello, and pen & paper. By far my favorite method, and the method which I actually used the entire year, was pen and paper. Earlier this month I picked up a beautiful coptic-bound journal by Studio Oh and transferred my 2017 and 1st quarter 2018 books-read lists into it.

Here’s the journal cover — wouldn’t it convert beautifully to embroidery?!! The page edges and binding are a lovely deep green, and the pages themselves have a distressed look.

Books-Read Journal (4-2018)

Below are the lists of the books I read in 2017. I only kept track of the books I finished, and for non-fiction I don’t keep track of things like cookbooks, crafting books, or coffee table books. Books with a heart next to them landed on my favorites list for 2017. I enjoyed many of the books I read, but the ones that landed on my favorites list especially appealed to me in one way or another.

2017 Books Read - pg 1

2017 Books Read - pg 2

2017 Books Read - pg 3

2017 Books Read - pg 4

2017 Books Read - pg 5

2017 Books Read - pg 6

I wish I’d started tracking my reading in a consistent manner sooner than 2017! It would be so interesting to go back each year and skim prior years’ lists. I’m diligently tracking my reading for 2018 and look forward to seeing how this year’s lists round out…..I’m crafting more this year, and I’ve been working my way through several tv series, so I anticipate my book totals for this year will be less than 2017, but we shall see!!