2019 Goals

The goals I’ve set for 2019 are greatly impacted by the last several months of 2018. During those months, my stores of mental, emotional, and physical energy were frequently depleted and, in my downtime, I often found myself mindlessly watching tv or scrolling through instagram. I quit going to the gym, and I did very little needlework. Even reading, which is my favorite hobby, took a hit.

I’m not upset about my lack-of-doing in my downtime during those months because I know my energy was being used elsewhere for very important things. But I considered what had fallen by the wayside, when determining goals for 2019.

For goals #1 thru #3, my mantra is “Progress, Not Perfection”. Doing these things daily would be ideal, but, right now, unrealistic. For now, I’m aiming for “more often than not” over the course of each week. I’m using Elise Blaha Cripes‘ goal tracker, which is (as of the date of this post) a freebie download when you subscribe to her newsletter. It’s a simple one page sheet with circles to fill in or check off for each day of the year, and I’ve printed one copy for each of the following three goals.

1.)  Groom Dogs Regularly — One of our dogs does not do well with being professionally groomed; understandable, seeing as how she’s twice suffered nasty clipper cuts to her elbows :/.  I’d been regularly working with her myself, getting her used to me brushing her, then progressed to trimming her fur with scissors, and eventually progressed to trimming her fur with the electric clippers. This was about a two-year process, getting her to the point of trusting me to use the electric clippers on her.

Because of my being away from home often in recent months, I fell out of the habit of routinely working with her and we’re back to square one, which is simply brushing her for 5 or 10 minutes a day. The goal is to have her patience and tolerance with being trimmed with the electric clippers being built back up before warm temperatures set in for good here, which will be around late March or early April.

I’d also like to get both dogs accustomed to letting me brush their teeth. They’re old dogs who aren’t used to having their teeth brushed, so we’ll see how it goes!

2.)  Floss (my own teeth) Daily — This takes all of a couple minutes before bed, and yet it’s always a struggle to make it a habit 😛 😛 😛 .

3.)  Do Something That Requires Movement — I office at home, and I’m a homebody to boot, so it’s easy to go from sitting in my office all day to sitting on the couch all evening.

My “something that requires movement” could be as energetic as going to the gym or as low-key as baking a pie or preparing a pot of soup. It could be a short walk around the block, or going to the store, or vacuuming, or raking. Essentially the goal is to not sit on my behind all day AND all evening. This is a very attainable goal.

My other two goals are hobby-related and are not daily-type goals:

4.)  Reading — I do read daily at bedtime and that won’t change. What HAS changed is my mindset. I’m no longer in a hurry to finish one book so I can get to the next book. I deleted all books off my to-read list, off my library wish list, and off my library holds list . . . and I don’t plan to add to any of these lists during 2019. I’m only focusing on what I’m reading right now, not on what’s next. And since I’m reading books I own, instead of library books, I’m not reading against a due-date deadline.

I’m selectively participating in #theunreadshelfproject2019. I’m not sure if I’ll participate in each month’s challenge, but I am participating in the January challenge, which is two-fold: (a) no new buying or new borrowing, and (b) pick any book off your unread shelf and finish it by Jan. 31st or get rid of it.

On my unread shelf, I currently have 13 owned books (7 kindle books and 6 hardcopy books) and zero library books.

The unread book I plan to read this month is the final book in Sarah J. Maas’ “Throne of Glass” series. I started a reread of the series back in November and should be able to get Kingdom of Ash read before the end of this month.

I typically do not buy very many books, especially fiction books, but I do like to pick up books at our library’s annual book-sale fundraiser, which is where the hard-copy fiction books currently on my unread shelf came from. I do plan to attend this year’s book sale and pick up any fiction books that catch my eye, but my 2019 goal still remains to be to focus on reading what I have on my unread shelf before borrowing library books.

5.)  Needlework — I had thought I might set a goal of finishing one project a month, but I decided I don’t want a number-tied-to-a-deadline goal for needlework any more than I do for books. Instead, my needlework goals will be to:

  • Finish the Mill Hill ornament kit WIP I’m currently working on.
  • Stitch up the 2019 calendar panel embroidery so I can use it this year ;-).
  • Convert some embroidery and punch-needle patterns I already own into applique + embroidery projects.
  • Take stock of the cross-stitch kits and hard-copy patterns I already own and see if there are any I want to pass along; if so, then pass them along! I only have 4 kits and a handful of hard-copy patterns, so it’s not too daunting a task. But I do need to be realistic about if I will actually stitch the bigger charts, or if I’d rather primarily stitch smaller-size projects.
  • Be more proactive about always having an embroidery project and a cross-stitch project ready to pick up and work on.
  • No new purchases of patterns or kits during 2019, other than what comes in magazines to which I subscribe.

So, all five of my 2019 goals feel very doable to me. I do plan to re-evaluate at least once during the year to see if I want to modify, delete, or add any goals.

Progress, Not Perfection!!!

2 thoughts on “2019 Goals

  1. I love these ideas! I’m feeling the same way craft- wise, and movement-wise, I’m trying to delete the things that deplete my spirit and keep me from engaging fully with my life. I want to craft more meaningfully this year, so that for me, too, means cutting back, not trying to work too fast or do too much. I also love your idea of giving away kits you don’t see yourself finishing. ❤


    1. Hi, Floresita! Thank you for commenting. I’ve been missing all the stitchy blogs from “back in the day”, so it was nice to see your comment. It reminded me to find the Feeling Stitchy blog and add it to my feedly account. And you have a blog too? I’ll pop over and say “hi” =). We can support each other in our “do less, but make it meaningful” efforts this year.


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