June 2019 Wrap-Up


I only stitched on one project in June, and it was an embroidered Blue Jay which I gave my dad for Father’s Day. I love love love how it turned out!!! And how lucky to have found a frame that looks like it was made specifically for this project!! (The frame was from Hobby Lobby.)



The pattern is from Chloe Redfern and I found the instructions easy to follow. I did decide that I preferred more fill-stitching, as compared to how the model was stitched.

The reason I didn’t do any other stitching this month is because I spent a whole lot of time preparing for Jolly July — read my post about it HERE.



Boy, I did not do good picking books in June. I ended up DNF’ing a disappointing number of them, resulting in only two books completed. But I really did enjoy the two I completed!

Kingdom of the Blind (Louise Penny) (Inspector Gamache series) — It was a delight to pick up this book and get hooked right into it and to be reunited with the characters. I’m a longtime fan of this series and of Ms. Penny’s writing, and I felt so much emotion as I read this particular book because I could hear/feel her love for her recently-departed husband in the character of Inspector Gamache. I’m so glad Ms. Penny found she did, indeed, have some more Gamache/Three Pines stories in her.

One Day in December (Josie Silver) — This ended up having more substance to it than I expected, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. I like that the author told the story over the span of a decade.



I’ve noticed my interest in currently-airing series tends to be much less than if I’m able to binge-view. As a result, Season 2 of both Big Little Lies and Yellowstone are not holding my attention as much as their Season 1 did. I won’t continue with Big Little Lies because I’m not enjoying it enough to fork over the $15 HBO add-on, but Yellowstone is one I can continue to watch through our Sling subscription so I’ll finish out S2, although I’ll probably wait until the season’s done and then I’ll binge-view it.

Crazy Rich Asians — It was a fun movie, but I did enjoy the book more.

Game of Thrones (final season) — I wasn’t sure I was going to watch the final season, as I’d (purposely) read spoilers. However, I decided to do the HBO 7-day trial and ended up binge-viewing the final season. There was the expected sadness, and I’m glad I knew beforehand what would be happening for each character.

The Hot Zone — I had wanted to read this book when it came out, but never got around to it. The tv series was interesting and it did make me want to get around to reading the book (whenever I find myself in the mood for non-fiction…I’m not holding my breath on when that might be, though!). The tv series did get a bit too graphic for me re: “blood-n-guts”, although it’s to be expected because of what the story is about. I just muted the sound and looked down at my needlework during those parts ;-).



I don’t snap photos as often as I used to, but this one of our dogs was my favorite June snapshot. Sweet sisters/littermates (who look nothing alike!):