July 2019 Wrap-Up

NEEDLEWORK PROJECTS: I completed 3 projects in July and posted about them HERE.

I’ll keep working on my Jolly July starts in the coming months, but I also have 3 other, more time-intensive, projects I plan to work on over the next few months: two charts I received for my birthday last year (Lizzie Kate’s “Dog Lessons for People” and Plum Street Samplers “Turkey Sausage”) and my 2020 calendar panel from September House.

For the Dog Lessons pattern, I’m looking at this Pawprints 14-ct Aida. Super cute, and yay for it being available in 14-ct!!



What To Say Next (Julie Buxbaum) — As of July, this was my favorite book of the year (although what I’m currently reading has since landed in that #1 spot!). I loved the two main characters and how their story was written.

Force of Nature (Jane Harper) — I liked it.

Into the Wilderness (Sara Donati) — I love big, fat novels, and this fit the bill at approx. 700 pages. It had been recommended as “for fans of Outlander,” so I went in with Expectations. I did read the whole book, but it didn’t have quite the depth I was hoping for and I don’t know that I’ll continue on with the series (this is the first book in a 6-book series).


TV SERIES & MOVIES: Lots of stitching equates to lots of tv/movie/Flosstube viewing!!

Teen Wolf — I re-started this series earlier this year and it’d been one I’d bounce back to when I couldn’t find anything else that interested me. I found the first several seasons entertaining (I love the humor), but, whew!, I have stalled out mid-S5 because it is so very creepy and there’s not enough humor to offset the creepiness for me.

Lucifer — I watched episodes here and there with my husband when the series was originally airing, so decided to go back to the beginning and watch from S1 Ep1. This show has taken the place of Teen Wolf as being my fall-back show while stitching if there’s nothing else catching my interest.

The Night Manager — I loved this!! For some reason I originally thought it was set back in the 1950’s/1960’s, which is not my favorite point in time for watching/reading, so I put off watching it. When I did finally start watching it, I was hooked right away and found it very compelling viewing. It’ll be one I’ll re-watch, for sure. Also, Hiddleston could totally pull of being James Bond, IMHO.

Sneaky Pete (S3) — I’ve enjoyed all 3 seasons of this show. Fantastic cast!!

In the Dark (S1) — I stumbled across this on Netflix (it’s a CW show) and took an immediate liking to the flawed-and-imperfect main character. I was glad to find out this show’s been picked up for another season. (Side note: there’s plenty of cursing, so you may want to avoid this show if you find cursing offensive.)

Fosse/Verdon — I watched 3 or 4 of the 8 episodes via F/X on-demand one evening, then the next night I was going to watch the remaining episodes but the series was no longer available on-demand. What the heck?!! It wasn’t at the end of the month or at another time during the month when I would expect shows to be added or removed from on-demand streaming, so I’m not sure why it left or if it’ll be back. I do hope to watch the rest of the episodes at some point because I found the story very interesting.

Yellowstone (S2) — Oh boy, I am enjoying this season so much!! I like this season’s storyline moreso than S1, I’m loving the character depth that’s happening this season, and the addition of Neal McDonough was perfection. This is a series I’d like to buy because I’d enjoy re-watching it.


BLOG HOUSEKEEPING I had fallen quite behind on updating my “Books Read” & “Patterns Stitched” pages (here and here), so have brought those current.

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