Who:  Glenda

Where:  Texas, United States

What:  This blog is primarily about embroidery & cross-stitch, although I do pick up (and let go) of other hobbies and will post about those. I’ll also post about what I’m reading, watching, and listening to, as I’m an avid reader (reading has been my lifelong #1 hobby) and I do love me some good tv/movies and podcasts!

When:  This incarnation of my Wren & Stitchy blog was established April 2018. My original Wren & Stitchy blog was established back in 2007/2008, when I was doing a lot of needlework. When I lost my stitchy mojo, I lost my interest in blogging and opted to delete my original blog. Fortunately, I still have photos of most (but not all) of my older projects and have been able to re-share those in this newest incarnation of Wren & Stitchy :D.

Misc.:  In my sidebar, you’ll find links to blog pages in which I’ve listed the books I’ve read from 2017-forward, the embroidery patterns I’ve stitched since 2008, and the cross-stitch patterns I’ve stitched since 2008. Also in my sidebar is a list of the FlossTube channels I’m currently watching, and a list of the podcasts to which I’m currently listening. Then there are the usual sidebar suspects: search box, google translate, follow-me options, links to 5 most recent posts, list of blog categories, and archives list. Enjoy!