April 2018 Wrap-Up

NEEDLEWORK & OTHER CRAFTS: 1 cross-stitch FFO; a set of needleminders for myself; 1 abandoned embroidery project; 1 abandoned cross-stitch project

Mill Hill “Holiday Stamp” beaded cross-stitch kit — A quickie stitch for this month. I added felt and an eye pin to the back of the project so it can hang from our Christmas tree. My only quibble is I don’t like how the eye and mustache turned out — he’s supposed to be in profile, but I couldn’t quite get that effect. Hopefully that won’t be so noticeable when this is nestled into Christmas tree branches!

04-2018 mill hill postmark santa

Needleminders — I made these after watching Stitcherista’s needleminder tutorial. These all came from the charms/jewelry section of Hobby Lobby. I purchased a couple sets of THESE rare earth magnets (there are 3 sizes included, and I used all 3 sizes). These were SO fun to make!!

04-2018 Needleminders for Me

Cozy Blue Stitch Club: March 2018 Embroidery Kit [frogged and abandoned for now] — I stitched everything except the leaves and just was not enjoying the project, so I frogged it all and packed the kit away for another day :P. I love this dark fabric, and I love the flosses Liz chose for the kit. The sticking point for me seems to be that I really need to use 1 strand of floss for certain parts of the design, and I just flat-out don’t like using 1 strand of floss for needlework. The result is beautiful, but it’s hard on my eyes and fingers to work with 1 strand. This picture is from the first night I stitched on the design. I went on and completed all the yellow, red, and blue parts, and then decided to frog it all :P. I’ll pick it back up another day, probably sooner than later, and will try some other types of stitches, using more strands of floss.


Dachshund Cross-Stitch Bookends [abandoned for now] — This design is from Cross-Stitcher magazine, June 2015. I’m stitching it on 14-ct Fiddler’s Aida, using 2 strands of DMC. This piece is my guinea-pig project for practicing stitching in hand AND for practicing the sewing method (rather than stab-stitching), and I’m liking both well enough to want to make both my go-to choices for cross-stitching. I finished stitching the pup’s head but am not liking how much fabric shows through when using 2 strands of floss, so I’ve set it aside for now. If I pick it up at a later date, I’ll use 3 strands of floss.




HAUL:  3 books; 1 cross-stitch pattern received as a gift; 1 cross-stitch kit purchased from eBay

Needlework Books — We no longer have a bookstore or fabric store in our city, so when my husband and I took a day trip to a bigger city in April we stopped by JoAnn Fabrics and I was delighted to discover they had several shelves of crafting books, including lots of embroidery and cross-stitch books. (We also stopped by a bookstore, but, sadly, they had zero-zip-zilch-nada books for embroidery or cross-stitch.) Below are the needlework books I scored, along with the Fox blank journal I now use as my Books-Read log. I love all three of the needlework books, but What Delilah Did‘s “Secret Garden Embroidery” book is, by far, my favorite because she’s interwoven a charming tale throughout the book.


“Strawberry Fields Forever” by Blackbird Designs — This was gifted to me via a giveaway by a friend who had two copies of the chart. For my eyes’ sake, I’ll be stitching this on 14-ct Aida; for my wallet’s sake, I’ll be using DMC rather than fancy floss. I’m planning to start stitching this in May.


“Earth Gatherers” by Shepherd’s Bush — I saw this finished cross-stitch on Leslie Hurley’s flosstube and fell in love with it. I obtained the chart and embellishments packet by way of eBay, and will stitch the design on 14-ct Aida using DMC floss. I’m not sure if I’ll start on it in May or if I’ll wait until I finish Strawberry Fields Forever…..I tend to be a monogamous stitcher, but S.F.F. is a bigger chart than I usually stitch…..so we’ll see if I remain a monogamous stitcher or if I have multiple WIPs by the time end of May rolls around :D.



FLOSSTUBE (new-to-me channels):

  • AmyLovesToads
  • Jen’sStitchingNiche
  • KittenStitcher  –  This is one of the most positive flosstubes I’ve come across, and I’m always happy to see a new Theresa video showing up in my subscriptions. As a newbie to needlework samplers, I’ve been enjoying learning about samplers from watching Theresa’s videos and delving into some of the samplers’ books she’s mentioned. I’m also enjoying her tutorials.
  • LeslieHurley
  • SuzyReno
  • (nail art, not flosstube) Kelli Marissa



2018 April - Books Read


TV SERIES I WATCHED IN FULL (or to the current season):

  • LOST — I’m partway through the last season, so will probably finish the series in May.
  • The Five
  • Big Dreams, Small Spaces (netflix) — This British series is just as much of a feel-good watch as the Great British Bake-Off. Most of the yards/gardens featured in this series are small or downright tiny, and I enjoyed seeing how the spaces were maximized.




PODCASTS:  I used to listen to these, but lost track of them when I replaced my computer. They’re now back in my regular rotation.


COOKED & BAKED (new-to-me recipes):









2009 Needlework: Part 3

Continuing from where I left off from 2009 Needlework: Part 2 . . . 

SEPT. 2009 — SUGAR SKULL:  An Urban Threads design. I love the brightness of the fabric with this design!

09-2009 sugarskull001 - urban threads design

09-2009 sugarskull002

OCT. 2009 — HAPPY FISH (Craftster swap):  This was a freebie coloring book design I used for a Tea Towel Tour.

10-2009 craftster swap

OCT. 2009 — OH LA LA! (Craftster swap):  This cute gal is from the Leisure Arts “Stitchin’ Retro” booklet. The stickers on her luggage correspond to the states of all of the stitchers in our Tea Towel Tour group.

10-2009 craftster swap rectangelsapron - leisure arts booklet 'stitchin retro'

NOV. 2009 — ICE CREAM GIRL (Craftster swap):  Another freebie coloring book design for the Tea Towel Tour.

11-2009 craftster swap 001

11-2009 craftster swap 002

11-2009 craftster swap 003


Not a needlework design, but I found this photo of a papercutting project I did in May 2009, using a (probably freebie) design from Fog & Thistle, which appears to no longer be an active business or website.

05-2009 rabbitpapercuttingforlaverne - fog & thistle design


2008 Crafty Things (other than Needlework)

Although I primarily did embroidery in 2008, I also played around with some other crafty projects.

PERLER BEADS:  These were lots of fun, and my son worked on some of them with me. It’s pretty easy to tell what was popular in our household circa 2008!

01-2008 perler-bead K.K. & Pokeball

02-2008 perler-bead Sonic

04-2008 perler bead coasters for zach

EMBROIDERED/EMBELLISHED KID’S ARTWORK:  My son drew a picture for his Nana, then I embroidered his handwriting and used fabric & buttons to embellish his artwork. He and I did several embroidered-artwork projects within a couple year time-span, and they were always enjoyable to create and were well-received as gifts.

03-2008 picture for nana's birthday

PAPERCUTTING:  This interest was sparked by the beautiful papercuttings Amy Karol had shared on her blog. This pattern was a freebie in one of her newsletters. I did this plus one other papercutting project and decided, as a craft, it required a steadier hand than I had!

05-2008 paper cutting for mom for mother's day

FROG PLUSH:  This was a quickie gift, using a freebie pattern from Purl Soho. Since I was making this for a toddler, I omitted the beads for eyes and the beans for stuffing and instead used only poly fiberfill as the stuffing.

03-2008 frog for amos