5-23-2018: a WIP & some blog housekeeping

WIP — U.S. Sampler by Glory Bee (Just Cross Stitch magazine, Aug. 2012 issue) — I wanted to get some more practice stitching in-hand using the sewing method before I started on the Strawberry Fields Forever pattern, so this is my practice piece. I’m not stitching every day, and I’m a slow stitcher no matter whether I’m stabbing or sewing :P, but I’m hoping to finish this sampler this month. I’m stitching on 14-ct Aida, using 3 strands of the called-for colors of DMC.




Newly-Added Pages —  I created Pages for “Books Read,” “Patterns Stitched: Cross-Stitch,” and “Patterns Stitched: Embroidery.”

For “Books Read,” the info is from 2017-forward (since I didn’t start tracking my reading until 2017). For “Patterns Stitched,” the info is from 2008-forward.

As of now, none of the book titles nor the pattern names contain links. However, as time allows, I plan to make all of those clickable. For the patterns, I’m thinking about making them clickable to the pattern designer or seller as well as to my blog post of my finished project.

A link to each Page is underneath my blog header, as well as under the “Books Read & Patterns Stitched” title in my sidebar.

FlossTube Channels I’m Watching — I bumped this over to a list in my blog’s sidebar and, going forward, will be updating the sidebar list when needed rather than putting this info within my blog posts. (Although I only have a dozen-ish channels in my sidebar list, I actually do watch more channels when I have time!)

Podcasts I’m Listening To — I’ve also bumped this info into a sidebar list. I prefer to keep my podcasts list to not more than a dozen shows, so there won’t be too much in the way of additions or deletions to this list from month to month.


2016 Projects

No stitching happened in 2016; instead, an interest in drawing, watercoloring, and card-making took front and center.

Some (but, by no means, all) of the resources I utilized for classes and for inspiration for drawing, watercoloring, and card-making were:


The first two projects below were from the Whimsical Sketching class mentioned above. The third project was a Lilipopo freebie coloring page which I used to play around with watercoloring. And then I’ve included a handful of the cards I made, which is a small fraction of how many I made in 2016….I handmade cards for EVERYONE in our address book that holiday season!! I enjoyed doing it, but it was rather like a one-woman card-making sweatshop in our living room for a short period of time ;-).

01-2016 sandy allnock class 1

02-2016 Whimsical Sketching - Class 4

2016 watercolor

09-2016 Julie's Bday 001

Christmas - Andrew & Rodney

Christmas - for Andrew's cousins - close up

Christmas - Paula

Thanksgiving - Julie

Thanksgiving - Kristi

Christmas - Loli

Christmas - Rex & family

Christmas - Ron & family


2014 & 2015 Projects

These two years were a bit of a long, dry spell, with only five projects over the two-year span.

APR. 2014 — BUNNY & BIRDS:  These were both freebie patterns from The Snowflower Diaries; her designs are so lovely. If I recall correctly, this was my first time to use linen fabric and silk floss.

04-2014 Bunny & Birds

MAY 2014 — COFFEE FIRST:  This design made me chuckle; the pattern was from Pinoy Stitch.

05-2014 for Kristi 001

05-2014 for Kristi 002

JULY 2014:  OWL PAIR:  I added this owl pair to the pillowcase I embroidered for myself. (I can’t find the design source for this pattern.)

07-2014 owl pair (pillowcase)


MAY 2015:  I loved this design from A Little Sweetness. (She has such adorable patterns and illustrations.)

05-2015 for Kristi's bday 001

05-2015 for Kristi's bday 002