2017 & 1st Quarter 2018 Projects

I did a lot of reading and FlossTube watching during 2017, but very little crafting. However, the crafting itch kicked in towards the end of 2017 and carried over into 2018.

OCT. 2017 — FINGER-KNITTING:  I have tried knitting (and crocheting) several different times, and disliked it every single time. Finger-knitting, however, I can do!! I followed a Finger-Flux YouTube tutorial and used an inexpensive yarn from Hobby Lobby for my trial run. This whipped up quickly, with no choice words flying around at all during the process ;-). Doubled-up, it made a cute scarf. However, the yarn was too scratchy for me to be able to wear, so instead I laid this in a figure-8 style on top of our mantle during the holidays and nestled glass ball ornaments in the circles of the figure-8’s.

10-2017 finger-knot scarf 001

10-2017 finger-knit scarf 002

DEC. 2017 — EMBROIDERED ORNAMENTS:  The State ornaments were inspired by a variety of similar embroidered projects on Instagram. The mini-Santa ornaments were from a freebie design by CozyBlue Handmade, which I inserted into tiny little wooden hoops I found at Hobby Lobby.

12-2017 State hoops.jpg

12-2017 cozyblue pattern mini-santa.jpg

JAN. & FEB. 2018 — COZY BLUE STITCH CLUB:  I signed up for the CozyBlue (embroidery) Stitch Club, beginning with the January 2018 kit. I love that the design is pre-printed on the fabric and the floss is included, so that I can just pop the fabric into a hoop and start stitching…no muss, no fuss. It’s also been neat to get inspiration from following the “cozybluestitchclub” hashtag on Instagram and seeing how other stitchers complete their design.

Thus far, I’ve completed the Jan. 2018 kit (which I completed using the provided floss) & the Feb. 2018 kit (which I opted to crayon-tint & then swap in my own floss color choices).

01-2018 cozybluestitchclub Jan 2018 kit - 001

01-2018 cozybluestitchclub Jan 2018 kit - 002

01-2018 cozybluestitchclub Jan 2018 kit - 003

02-2018 cozybluestitchclub Feb 2018 kit - 001

02-2018 cozybluestitchclub Feb 2018 - 002

FEB. 2018 — EVERGREEN SLEIGH:  I have a handful of small Mill Hill beaded cross-stitch kits I’ve been working on here and there last year and this year. (In addition to the sleigh below, I completed the honey pot and the sea turtle designs, but deleted their photos from my phone before saving copies to my PC :::pfft:::.) The below design is finished with felt on the back and an eye-pin so it can hang from our Christmas tree. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the red section of the sleigh contains lots of red beads, which create great dimension.

02-2018 Mill Hill Sleigh Ride 001

02-2018 Mill Hill Sleigh Ride 002

MAR. 2018 — SWEET TOOTH:  This adorable little design is from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. Since I was stitching on light-colored fabric, I opted to use a tooth charm I found at Hobby Lobby, in place of white floss. This cutie lives on a metal stand I found at Michael’s. The stand turns, so I can put projects and/or needleminders on the other side, as well. I used an idea I’ve seen Priscilla Blain frequently do, which is to attach magnets to the back of the project so it’s easy to swap projects on and off the item to which they’re mounted.

Fabric used:  14-ct “Silver Dusted” Aida (Charles Craft)

DMC used:  601, 603, 666, 3845, 310, 801, 434, B5200 (2 strands of all, except 4 strands for backstitch)

02-2018 Sweet Tooth (FPS) 001.jpg

02-2018 Sweet Tooth (FPS) 002.jpg

02-2018 Sweet Tooth (FPS) 003

FEB. 2018 — WITH YOU I AM HOME:  This was a freebie design offered by Hands On Design. It’s clipped on to a frame from Michael’s.

Fabric used:  14-ct “Silver Dusted” Aida (Charles Craft)

DMC used:  820, 972, 321 (3 strands of all)

02-2018 With You (HandsOnDesign) 001

02-2018 With You (HandsOnDesign) 002


I find I prefer the plumper look of using 3 strands of floss on the 14-ct Aida as on the “With You…” piece, as compared to 2 strands as was used on the Sweet Tooth piece.)

And with this post, my blog is now current when it comes to needlework and crafting projects! 😀



2016 Projects

No stitching happened in 2016; instead, an interest in drawing, watercoloring, and card-making took front and center.

Some (but, by no means, all) of the resources I utilized for classes and for inspiration for drawing, watercoloring, and card-making were:


The first two projects below were from the Whimsical Sketching class mentioned above. The third project was a Lilipopo freebie coloring page which I used to play around with watercoloring. And then I’ve included a handful of the cards I made, which is a small fraction of how many I made in 2016….I handmade cards for EVERYONE in our address book that holiday season!! I enjoyed doing it, but it was rather like a one-woman card-making sweatshop in our living room for a short period of time ;-).

01-2016 sandy allnock class 1

02-2016 Whimsical Sketching - Class 4

2016 watercolor

09-2016 Julie's Bday 001

Christmas - Andrew & Rodney

Christmas - for Andrew's cousins - close up

Christmas - Paula

Thanksgiving - Julie

Thanksgiving - Kristi

Christmas - Loli

Christmas - Rex & family

Christmas - Ron & family


2014 & 2015 Projects

These two years were a bit of a long, dry spell, with only five projects over the two-year span.

APR. 2014 — BUNNY & BIRDS:  These were both freebie patterns from The Snowflower Diaries; her designs are so lovely. If I recall correctly, this was my first time to use linen fabric and silk floss.

04-2014 Bunny & Birds

MAY 2014 — COFFEE FIRST:  This design made me chuckle; the pattern was from Pinoy Stitch.

05-2014 for Kristi 001

05-2014 for Kristi 002

JULY 2014:  OWL PAIR:  I added this owl pair to the pillowcase I embroidered for myself. (I can’t find the design source for this pattern.)

07-2014 owl pair (pillowcase)


MAY 2015:  I loved this design from A Little Sweetness. (She has such adorable patterns and illustrations.)

05-2015 for Kristi's bday 001

05-2015 for Kristi's bday 002


2013 Projects

2013 was a pretty good split between zentangle and needlework.

FEB. 2013 — ZENTANGLED HANDPRINT:  This was a different take on turning my kiddo’s handprint into a gift.

02-2013 Andrew's handprint - framed.JPG

02-2013 Andrew's handprint as ZIA

MAR. 2013 — ZENTANGLE FOR MY MOM:  This was a free-form design; I love the pops of red. The two photos of it unframed show the difference before and after I added shading.

03-2013 Mom's bday - framed

03-2013 Mom's Bday - before shading

03-2013 Mom's Bday - after shading


AUG. 2013 — CRAZY DOG LADY:  An Urban Threads design which I stitched up and actually kept for myself! She still hangs in my office (the office I share with my canine “coworkers”).

08-2013 Crazy Dog Lady

AUG. 2013 — THE FOURTH DOCTOR:  I don’t recall the source of the line drawing, but it would’ve been by way of google.

08-2013 Fourth Doctor 001

08-2012Fourth Doctor 002

SEPT. 2013 — ZENTANGLED FOX:  This is my favorite Zentangle I’ve made! The line-drawing fox design was a freebie offered up on a zentangle facebook group (for which I don’t have a link because I’m not on facebook any longer).

09-2013 Fox - framed

09-2013 Fox - unframed


DEC. 2013 — SKINNY SANTA ORNAMENT:  An Urban Threads design.

12-2013 Skinny Santa

DEC. 2013 — SINGING GIRL:  This is another design I’ve stitched multiple times because I love it so much. This design was a freebie from Elsa Mora a number of years ago.

12-2013 Singing Girl


2012 Projects

By the time 2012 rolled around, I had seriously lost my needlework mojo; I only completed two needlework projects. I did, however, get interested in Zentangle towards the end of 2012 and that interest carried over into 2013.

APR. 2012 — FOXY SWEETHEARTS:  By this point, I’d embroidered pillowcases for both my husband and my son, so next up was embellishing a pillowcase for myself. This design is from Urban Threads.

04-2012 Foxy Sweethearts

JULY 2012 — INFINITY MARIO & LUIGI:  This was a fun stitchy gift. I can’t find the link to the pattern (which I think was a freebie), but it can probably be found by rabbit-hole’ing google or pinterest.

07-2012 Infinity Mario & Luigi

NOV. 2012 — “ART EVERY DAY” MONTH—>ZENTANGLE:  These were my two favorites of the projects I drew during “art every day” month. The Cats & Dogs design is actually an Urban Threads embroidery pattern, but it worked great for zentangle. The second design was free-handed and lightly water-colored.

11-2012 Art Every Day month 11-5-2012

11-2012 Art Every Day month 11-9-2012